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Thanks to our team of experts, we can guarantee maximum efficiency with your event management - individually and tailored to your needs.

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We are there to support you in all your invitation and guest management matters - whether it's before, during or after your event.

Complete Carefree Package

A service level agreement for eyevip's event planning software in regard to the scope of service and response time.


We provide training for departments, teams or individuals - whatever you need, we have all your event management needs covered.

Personalized Templates

The first impression counts. We tailor e-mails and event websites to your company CI/CD to ensure personalized event invites.

100% Individualized

Should you want additional adjustments or add-on's to your event organization software - we can certainly do so - all you have to do is ask.


eyevip allows various technical integrations with common CRMs, Active Directories or other APIs.

Own Infrastructure

On request, you can operate eyevip's event planning software in a private cloud or your own (on premise) infrastructure.


Thanks to our team of experts and event planning software, we can guarantee maximum efficiency in your event organization.

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